About us

We are a husband-and-wife duo who are on a mission to provide a place where people can find wonderful environmentally friendly products, for across different areas of their life – in one place.

When our son Max was born in 2019, our desire to help protect the world we live in took on a totally new meaning for us: it wasn’t just a side thought anymore, it was crucial that we led by example and showed him just how precious our planet is.

Being a couple in our early 30’s, with a young child and a passion to contribute to the shared global goal of caring for the place we are lucky to call home – we discovered that it isn’t always financially viable to suddenly change the way you buy your toiletries, your cleaning products, your food and your everyday household items.

This is when the idea for The Green Sub began to form. We discussed how beneficial it would be for there to be a place people could go to shop for these things, in one, affordable and sensible place.

We aim to buy products that are plastic-free, made and shipped in the UK and are of a quality we would buy and use in our own home.

What we currently have is our starter range for launch, it will continue to grow and we are always keen to hear what people are searching for. If we can help create an even more well stocked place for all of your eco swaps – we will!

We want to help people to make a difference to their planet – in a money conscious way. We want to show that they can change one or two things at a time about the way they live their lives and no matter how big or small the change – it is worth doing for our amazing planet.

We hope you love the collection we have put together. Any questions, please drop us a message.

Tasha & Steve